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need help with posting cash only bail bonds in gastonia nc?Getting arrested has significant impacts on one’s emotional well-being and finances. If you or your loved one is in a situation like this, posting bail is the fastest way out. 

Do I have that much money? Will I be able to pay on time? If I pay the bail amount, will I have enough funds for the next few months?

Finding a reliable bail bond agent can help you settle these worries with ease. Gastonia Bail Bonds offers cash-only bail bonds to those who were issued cash bonds by the court. 

What are cash-only bail bonds?

A cash bail bond is an agreement that uses cash to free someone from jail. Courts will issue “cash-only” bail if they see that it fits your situation. This agreement guarantees that you or your loved one shows up in court.

How does it work?  

Cash-only bail bonds require you to pay 30% to 50% of the bail. To get you home, we will post bail for you in cash. Doing this will make us liable for your attendance in court. Some cash bonds are made with collateral. The fee will differ if you have collateral.

How do I pay it back?

You can pay using any method that is convenient for you. Gastonia Bail Bonds accepts a wide variety of payment methods. You can pay in cash, via credit card, in credit card-cash ratio, in checks, and through installment plans.

Where can I get cash-only bail bonds in Gastonia?

Gastonia Bail Bonds is a locally owned and operated firm. We have professional bail bond agents to handle your cases as quickly and quietly as possible. We’ll give you the advice and support you need. Just give us a call.

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