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When authorities say they’ve arrested your loved one for drug possession, it’s a stressful time. You worry about them, and you think about the money you need to get them out.

Gastonia Bail Bonds is here for you. We can post bail bonds for drug-related charges anywhere in Gastonia, North Carolina.

North Carolina bail fees and schedules

North Carolina bail fees can be steep. It is costlier to bail out someone who has been charged with drug possession more than once. In any case, Gastonia Bail Bonds can post bail for you or your friend.

In North Carolina, bail fees for drug possession and other drug-related charges depend on different “schedules.” These schedules dictate the gravity of a case and the amount of bail money you need to pay. These are also classified depending on the kind of drugs. 

Bail Fee Schedules

Schedule I

Felony possession for drugs like heroin, morphine, and mescaline

Schedule II

1st offense misdemeanor or 2nd offense felony for pain medications and drugs like cocaine, opium, and methamphetamines

Schedule III

1st offense misdemeanor or 2nd offense felonies for drugs like ketamine and barbiturates

Schedule IV

1st offense misdemeanor or 2nd offense felony for drugs like Xanax and Cathtine without prescription

Schedule V

Misdemeanor for drugs like Codeine

Schedule VI

Misdemeanors for drugs like marijuana, hashish, and synthetic cannabinoids

Where to get drug possession bail bonds 

Schedule I drugs pose the greatest threat, while Schedule VI drugs are considered the least dangerous. It’s easier and cheaper to post bail if your loved one is a first-time offender in possession of a small amount of marijuana. You’ll also pay less for a misdemeanor charge than a felony charge.

For other questions about drug possession bail bonds, don’t hesitate to call us. Our lines are open 24/7. We’re ready to post bail for your loved ones and get them home in no time!


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