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interesting facts about gastoniaGastonia remains to experience developments in its healthcare system, educational institution, and the government sector. Here are five interesting facts about the city of Gastonia, where Gastonia Bail Bonds operates.

  1. The City of Gastonia started as a train stop known as Gastonia Station. During this time, Gastonia Station was for when trains needed water. It also had a hotel where passengers could stay in. The area of the city was just one-mile square, with a humble population of 140.

  1. The Loray Mill Strike, one of the most historical labor movements, occurred in Gastonia. It was a six-month-long strike by the underpaid and overworked weavers of Loray Mill. Thousands of mill workers demanded an overall better working condition. At the end of the strike, protesters were arrested and were charged with charges accordingly.

  1. Gastonia is known for pioneering different milestones in the country’s textile industry. In 1900, Loray Mill housed the largest textile mill in the South. The United States saw its first electricity-powered mill in 1904 with the Gray Manufacturing Company. In 1923, Gastonia was recognized as the leader in the production of combed cotton in the country.

  1. Gastonia is the largest city in Gaston County and the 13th most populous and largest city in North Carolina. Gastonia has a population of 77,273 in 2019.

  1. Different attractions strategically surround Gastonia. In its southeast, the Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden is located. The Catawba River and the US National Whitewater Center are on the eastern outskirts of the city. Crowders Mountain State Park is located in the west of the town. It’s perfect for outdoor activities like hiking, outdoor camping, fishing, and rock climbing.

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