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for flexible payment plans in gastonia, nc

Bailing out yourself or a loved one can take a toll on your finances, especially when these situations arise unexpectedly. Gastonia Bail Bonds understands your struggle. That’s why we offer flexible payment plans to make sure that repayment won’t be an additional burden.

We generally require a payment of 10% of the bail set by the state court. Now, there may be some instances where collecting the 10% would still be troublesome. If so, you can directly talk to us and negotiate to pay a smaller amount as a downpayment. And then, you can clear the remaining balance using your payment method of choice.

Here are a few points you should consider:

Installment Payments

This payment plan allows you to purchase a bail bond if you cannot afford to pay the bail bond in full. You can give half the amount first and then slowly pay back the remaining half through the installments both parties will determine.

Interest Rates

A bail bond payment plan works like a loan. We will also consider the availability of collateral when determining your suitability for this plan.

When negotiating the payment plan, determine the amount you can comfortably pay each month to avoid skipping payments, which may lead to accrued interest rates.

Co-signer Credit

If you have a friend you can call to co-sign the bail bond, we will also consider the co-signer’s credit score. We do this to confirm that both you and your friend are financially responsible. 

If you have any other questions or if none of these options suit you, call us at Gastonia Bail Bonds now. Together, we’ll settle your quick release from jail and draw up a payment plan that suits you.

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