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When you figure in an accident and cause damage, getting arrested may not be avoidable. If you get jailed for an accident, it’s normal to panic.

However, if the damages you caused are insignificant, the court could go easy on you. Your chances for a lighter penalty are even higher if it’s your first arrest.

For this situation, Gastonia Bail Bonds offers an excellent bail bond option for you: the signature bail bond. 

What Are Signature Bail Bonds?

A signature bail bond is an alternative for a surety bail bond. It is a form of agreement to ensure the defendant’s appearance in court.

Signature bail bonds vs. Surety bail bonds

In surety bail bonds, we will pay a deposit to the court. The deposit is returned, minus tax, if the defendant appears in court. 

Signature bonds are more straightforward. For this type of bond, Gastonia Bail Bonds will sign a promissory that the defendant will attend the scheduled court trial. The signed document indicates the bail amount. We, the signee, agree to pay the bail if the defendant fails to participate in the court trial. 

The court only issues this to defendants who have no prior criminal records and are not seen as flight risks. Reputable attorneys can also help raise or request a signature bail bond instead of paying the bail amount.

Where to get signature bail bonds

Gastonia Bail Bonds is your partner in securing a signature bail bond. If you need signature bail bonds for yourself or a friend, feel free to contact us. Our bail bond agents are ready to assist you 24/7, anywhere in North Carolina.

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